Color Clock

June 24, 2008

Color Clock L$200

My new Color Clock, it changes colors every minute. Time resettable. L$200.


Some items for sale

June 3, 2008

Several of our items for sale:

Designer Clock by Hermione Augenblik

Designer Clock, by Hermione Augenblik L$148

Gamelon Machine by Flivelwitz Alsop

Gamelon Machine, by Flivelwitz Alsop L$270





Working Astrolabe, closed and opened, by Hermione Augenblik  L$380


All Possible Clock

All-Possible-Number Clock, by Flivelwitz Alsop L$150

Musicmachine is a small shop in Second Life, dedicated to bringing the public unusual and interesting mechanical machines for sound, music and noise. This blog will keep track of the items for sale at our shop, any discounts, new creations, updates and concerts being presented at our main hall.

We are located at France Centre. Here is a picture of our new shop, I know you can hardly wait!

A nice street in the middle of the village of France Centre.

Inside the shop

Music Machine as it looks at this moment, still fairly empty, but coming along. The big painting on the right is actually a clock, the object on the floor is a working astrolabe (which follows the sun and moon) and the spirally thing on the wall is a moving sculpture which makes sounds when touched.


sample clocks


A wall of some of the clocks. A retro red clock, a white clock full of numbers, and a black clock with wobbly hands.